About R2 Medical Group

R2 Medical Group offers physicians maximal flexibility to customize their practice’s resource use to its individual needs. Our medical co-working model allows physicians to choose their preferred working days, office location, exam rooms, and staff level. This flexibility will minimize overhead—a major deterrent to (and a significant stress in) private practice. Furthermore, physicians will have the option to contract on-site with a management services organization to help navigate the complex nuances of medical practice administration. To stay up to date on the workings of R2 Medical Group and the opening of our inaugural office in Chevy Chase, Maryland, please follow our channel here as well as on LinkedIn.


To provide physicians in clinical practice with flexibly designed office suites containing Class A consultation, examination, and procedure rooms along with staff and other services critical to creating a seamless experience for patients and a cost-effective, efficient workflow for physicians.


To establish a network of conveniently located, well-appointed, and professionally staffed co-working medical offices that will optimize medical and surgical practices by reducing the costs and administrative burdens of initiating and maintaining ideal facilities for patient care, while building on the benefits of a professional community.


Our co-founders have been meticulously studying the path to starting R2 Medical Group.  They have held numerous meetings and consultations with many stakeholders, including countless physicians, real estate experts, management companies and legal council experts in the field. This background work allowed them to embark on the formation of R2 Medical Group, and they will surely continue to improve on their business model only to provide the most benefit to their physicians.

Reza Shahabadi

Reza Shahabadi


Reza Mirali, MD MBA FACS

President and Chief Medical Officer