What is R2 Medical Group?

R2 Medical Group provides physicians with medical practice solutions by establishing medical co-working offices, flexibly designed suites containing Class A consultation, examination, and procedure rooms along with staff and management and other services critical to the creation of a seamless experience for patients and a cost-effective, efficient workflow for physicians.

Why R2 Medical Group?

R2 Medical Group offers a new medical co-working model for physicians. It reduces the overhead, costs, and stress of managing a day-to-day practice, allowing physicians to do what they want to do most— practice medicine.  The model aims to provide the means to support the viability of a private practice or whatever type of practice a physician finds the most professional satisfaction practicing.

How does R2 Medical Group work?

It’s simple and easy to join R2 Medical Group. You have assigned offices, staff, and locations. It’s all done via an app, and your name is in the building directory, just as when you are in a group practice. Our founders will be happy to discuss details of the daily functioning of the office with you so that you can see how our locations will be your very own office.  Furthermore, at our offices, the co-working model will build a community wherein physicians can learn from each other and help support each other in their medical practices.

What do I need to begin working with R2 Medical Group?

You will simply need to know your preference in the style of practice you desire for your future: private practice or an employed model.  If the autonomy and independence of private practice is what matters most in your future profession to allow you to deliver the best medical care and derive the most professional satisfaction, then R2 can help you realize that practice.

R2 Medical Group offers medical space, staff, and resources for physicians. It’s a smart solution to challenging problem: how to set up a practice in an effective efficient manner and reduced personal and financial stress.  Please contact Dr. Mirali, our co-founder, to further discuss and address your questions.

Who can join R2 Medical Group?

R2 Medical Group is the right solution for any physician who is currently facing exorbitant overhead, crushing stress in starting or maintaining his or her own practice, or looking to break from an existing model to start a new practice. It is the smart decision for establishing a practice, growing a practice, or downsizing a practice.