Practice Resources & Services

R2 Medical Group partners with its physician clients to create an alternative employment model that simultaneously advances their control of the practice and reduces the pressure of nonclinical factors, so physicians can once again enjoy their work.

Medical Spaces

R2 Medical Group has assigned offices. Physicians can request space appropriate for their individual practice needs. Office space cost is often the most significant segment of a practice’s overhead, and controlling this cost-effectively reduces overhead.

  • Our medical offices have contemporary styles and designs. They have generous waiting spaces, allowing each physician’s patients to have their own section if that is requested.

  • Each office has the following general clinical areas. The use of these spaces is included with the fees paid.

    • Waiting areas with separate doors to accommodate each physician’s patients, and each with their own access to clinical areas/exam rooms
    • A workstation, located between the front desk and nurses’ space, with mailboxes for use
    • Nurses’ station, available for use by each physician’s staff by request
    • Professional conference room with full audiovisual amenities (complimentary to members only)
  • Each office will have the following general areas; these are complimentary:

    • Generous break room for doctors and staff
    • Locker room for storage of physicians’ equipment
    • Coatroom
    • Restroom with shower
  • Clinical space (fee-based):

    • Exam rooms
    • Private offices
    • Procedure rooms
    • Consultation rooms (two couches and a side table; can be used for discussion with patients or by clinicians who need comfortable settings to provide treatment)
    • Capability for telemedicine in our locations
  • Administrative staff space (fee-based):

    • Assigned desk for use of staff; available part time or full time
    • Access to Wi-Fi, printer, and wired internet/cable access
    • Complimentary access to break room and office restroom


The next element of office overhead is staffing. R2 Medical Group helps physicians lower their overhead by allowing them to pay for only the staff they need. R2 Medical Group provides them with staffing support as their practice growth demands it, thus minimizing over expenditure on staff.

  • Front desk staff:

    • Staff fees are included in space fees.
    • Basic front-desk functions (courtesy front-desk services, answering phone calls, directing patients) are included.
    • The physician needs to provide a means by which to collect fees or have statements sent by their billing vendor. (Chevy Chase Physicians’ Offices, CCPO, is a “no cash” facility. We recommend an iPad/iPhone/mobile phone with a device like Square to run credit cards.)
  • A back-desk/medical assistant can be provided for an additional hourly fee (only if there is enough demand).

Services and Business Partners

  • A management services organization (MSO) will provide support for numerous fundamentals of the business, including a basic business strategic review of the physician’s practice, which is performed initially as part of the onboarding services.

  • If any further strategic consultation or business advice is needed, it can be provided by the R2 Medical Group on an as-needed basis for a fee.  This will be directly negotiated by the physician with the management group.

  • Business partners are available in the areas of strategic consultation, accounting, legal services, marketing, and banking.  R2 medical group will always assure that all of its business partners are providing the best service to its physicians.  This will be done by communication and satisfaction surveys obtained from the physicians.