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The Struggle of Practicing Medicine Today

The current medical practice environment is undermining the viability of independent private practice with real potential to adversely impact delivery and quality of patient care. The factors contributing to this challenge include:

  • Loss of independence and autonomy of physicians
  • A continuing increase in the overhead costs and administrative burden
  • The imposed need to increase patient volume to meet productivity parameters
  • The overwhelming amount of non-clinical (paperwork) duties
  • Declining reimbursement rates
  • More…

Therefore, it is not a surprise to see so many physicians today rate their practice as unhealthy and unprofitable, express dissatisfaction with their profession and experience burnout.

Cowork Medical (an R2 medical group company) is the solution to the problem. Our medical co-working model, with its comprehensive and growing list of resources, offers the much needed opportunity to remain in control of your practice, provide high quality patient care and remain happily in the career you worked so hard to achieve.


R2 Medical Group, LLC


R2 Medical Group, LLC


R2 Medical Group, LLC